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Website tracks Musk's Tesla Roadster and dummy pilot's journey through space
As the batteries on Elon musk’s Tesla Roadster ran out of power, subsequently ending the stunning live video transmission of the vehicle’s journey through space, many fans were left wondering how to further track its galactic travels.
02/20/2018 01:51 AM

Governments are stepping in to regulate social media, but there may be a better way
Whose responsibility is it to keep fake news and terrorism off social media? An NYU Stern study suggests social networks, not the government, should be responsible for moderation, but not liable.
02/19/2018 01:45 PM

Ancient lost city in Mexico had as many buildings as Manhattan
Using sophisticated laser surveying technology, archaeologists have discovered a “lost city” in western Mexico that may have been home to as many buildings as Manhattan.
02/19/2018 01:01 PM

Picasso masterpiece reveals lost painting, hidden details
Scientists have harnessed sophisticated X-ray and imaging technology to reveal a lost painting and other details hidden in a Picasso masterpiece.
02/19/2018 11:12 AM

Facebook to verify ads with postcards after Russian meddling
MENLO PARK, Calif. (AP) — Facebook will soon rely on centuries-old technology to try to prevent foreign meddling in U.S. elections: the post office.
02/19/2018 10:16 AM

Is a bigger iPhone X coming in 2018?
Apple may bring out an outsized version of the iPhone X later this year, which would address a large hole in the company's lineup.
02/19/2018 08:27 AM

People keep walking into glass at Apple Park
Apple's futuristic-looking new campus, known as the Apple Park, had employees slowly start to move in earlier this year following construction delays (the move was meant to start last April).
02/19/2018 07:00 AM

10 incredibly useful online sites you didn't know about until now
If you had to guess, how many different websites do you think exists in the world today? From simple blogs to complex businesses, the internet spans the gamut dispensing and gathering a myriad of information. Keep your answer in your head because, at the very end of this article, I’ll tell the closest estimate we have.
02/18/2018 07:00 AM

Tech Q&A: Boosting Wi-Fi, finding phone numbers, picking a streaming service and more
I am so frustrated by the crappy Wi-Fi in my house. I try this and that, and nothing really works. Help me Obi-Wan Komando!
02/17/2018 07:00 AM

U.S. intelligence, lawmakers 'deeply concerned' about Chinese phone companies
U.S. lawmakers and intelligence officials are expressing concern about the threat of Chinese telecommunication companies operating inside the country.
02/16/2018 04:15 PM

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